CLDI History

Rich with diversity, historical South Billings weaves together a story of opportunity and community. By the early 1900’s the railroad had made Billings a prosperous and permanent trading center. Immigrants, inspired by the opportunity to create their American dream working on the railroad or in the sugar beet factory, moved into South Billings. As they started new restaurants and stores, the neighborhood grew into a tight-knit community. The local Labor Temple conveniently located on South 29th Street became the hub of cultural, social, political, and recreational activities with close ties to the South Side Community.

Over time, the Labor Temple was vacated, and in 2016, CLDI took on the challenge of purchasing and restoring the building. The renovation has infused life and the air of celebration back into the South Side community. Inside the walls, the original 1900 exposed beams pay tribute to the days past and blank gallery style walls provide a canvas to make your vision come to life. Combined with exposed 11 foot ceilings, The Gathering Place provides that perfect modern industrial vibe. 

Just south of the railroad tracks and two minutes from downtown, The Gathering Place is the ideal venue for your chic and intimate gathering.

The Gathering Place is an extension of Community Leadership & Development Incorporated (CLDI). CLDI is a Christian community development organization that seeks transformation through the gospel by rebuilding lives, restoring families, and re-neighboring communities.

CLDI has been at work in Billings’ oldest and most marginalized community, the South Side, since 1981. CLDI’s efforts have included working with at-risk youth and families, job training, mentoring and discipleship, GED assistance, internships, provision of affordable housing, and transitional housing for women seeking reunification with their children. 

Proceeds from The Gathering Place help CLDI continue to fulfill their mission.