Why Get Married in Downtown Billings?

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Downtown Billings Wedding, Uncategorized

Are you considering getting married in Downtown Billings but need just a few more reasons to do so?

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Downtown Billings has so many great features, including places to stay, the ability to walk to and from most locations, the amazing places to eat, and the overall history of the city!


The city of Billings may not seem that grand but it is the largest city in Montana, with a population of almost 110,000 people. With being the largest city, Billings has plenty of space to accommodate everybody and their out of town guests! Just downtown, you will see The Northern Hotel and The Double Tree. From these two locations, guests are able to walk from the hotel to the venue.

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If you plan on having alcohol at your wedding, you should probably be thinking about ways to make sure your guests can get home safely afterward! If you have your wedding at Downtown Billings, guests will easily be able to walk to their nearby hotel or to a restaurant to sober up. This also allows for easy access for Ubers to get your guests from point A to point B.

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From restaurants, to breweries, to theaters, coffee shops, and much more, Downtown Billings will not disappoint! Check out local murals as well! Walking down random alleyways will lead you to some beautiful wall art!

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If you are getting married downtown, you will want to do some research on your venue! Each building has its own unique story. To view the history of The Gathering Place click here.

Alright…I think I’m sold on getting married in Downtown Billings…how about you??